Everyone should be able to have a say and participate in the planning. The more quiet people, who have good ideas, should be listened to the same like those who can sell themselves and their ideas well. I experienced that today.
— IKEA manager

Seven Good Reasons for Team Building with Animals

  • Inclusion: At our teambuildings with nature introverted people open up. They can not sell themselves and their ideas so well, but often have at least as much potential as extroverts. Silent waters are deep waters. Team success only happens when introverts and extroverted colleagues plan and act in unison. In everyday working life the more quiet team member are selling their ideas under value. To the detriment of all. Team building with nature opens up and brings everybody together. Previously unrecognized talents can also shine.

  • Learning effect: Who loves nature, is ready to learn from nature. Such is human nature. We do not like to be told or lectured. Behavioral change is therefore a tough business. Externals and trainers often have no influence on the personality. The best presentation and the most elaborate events trigger just an entertaining straw fire of enthusiasm and good intentions. Nature however has natural authority. The lessons of nature are being listened to, because they are touching us at a deeper level. Everyone who communicates ambiguously with the animals gets very honest feedback. Animals cannot lie or pretend. This kind of feedback however does not hurt and is acceptable to most people. It provokes new thinking and behavioral change. Because without this the team will not get further ahead. Who does not learn, will have to run after them. So you better learn fast.

  • Agility: Team building with nature is like the business and the customers of today. Everything is unpredictable. You have to adapt to new situations and surprises at lightning speed. Only those who break new ground in training also find new ways and solutions in their actual business.

  • Fun: Nature appeals to everyone, regardless of age, position or gender. And always different things happen. When 1,000 semi-wild animals and a team meet, frictions appear and lead to enhanced creativity and agility. No routine, lots of fun.

  • Motivation: Team building with nature forces you to leave comfort zones, because you will be deeply challenged. The inner coach potato in everybody and in the team will be overcome. Otherwise the the supposedly stupid sheep are playing games with you.

  • Team spirit: Team building with nature is quite unique. Therefore, it is also a fair teambuilding, because no participant has ever done it. It's something completely new for everyone. Everyone starts from scratch and succeeds together.

  • Inspirational: Everything depends on planning, communication, teamwork, the cycle of doing, failing and learning and the assumption of responsibility. The parallels to the professional and business everyday life are obvious. Who can lure a herd, should also be able to lead internal or external customers onto the desired path of action.