Hans-Peter Etzold (MA), Trainer und Coach

His diverse clientele includes cutting-edge technology companies such as Google and BASF, research-based pharmaceutical companies, but also construction companies.



Every person should be able to give his or her best with his given talent. Nobody and nothing should stop them.



Talents and Achievements

  • Teambuilding with animals has already been done by Airbus, Daimler, Ikea, Johnson & Johnson, McKinsey and many others from all hierarchical levels and functions. The nature and liveliness of this event appeals to everyone.

  • He has been (and still is) an enthusiastic runner and cross-country skier for decades.

  • Hape can not only talk about teamwork and team building. He is also walking the talk.

  • Cross-country skiing is also about teamwork, because skiing in the slipstream is more like flying than pushing hard. Lone wolves have a hard time. Like in business and life.

  • Of course as a runner Hape loves dogs. And especially Hannah, the Labrador mix of his nephew.

  • The breeders and veterinarians, with whom Hans-Peter works, know their animals. Their experience, professionalism and know-how guarantee the safety and well-being of humans and animals.

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