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Leadership Offroad Course - with 600 Sheep

either 600 sheep follow you or you are the follower - this leadership offroad course with 600 sheep is teaching everything about leadership and is available for free for journalists and bloggers in the upcoming week, Wednesday October 18th. Location is the Westerwald near Bonn.

The big herd functions like a group of humans - the sheep need leadership, some pressure, communication. The decisive difference: the animals are brutally honest - the leadership effectiveness is immediately visible: they follow you or do their own thing openly, not hidden like in the office. Everybody will understand the meaning of this old shepherd's saying: if you follow the herd, don't be surprised to be surrounded by assholes.

Here you can get some first impressions from previous events:

There will be no costs other than your own travel. Start is 9 am. There is no bad weather, just bad clothing. Only a few places are available for this highly exciting and inspiring event. Please send a short mail to the organizer under and write about your motivation to join the unique experience.

The participants only need a normal degree physical fitness (being able to walk half a day through the woods), ankle-high shoes and two pairs of woolen socks.

Management Trainer, Hans-Peter Etzold, has developed a training which enables the participants to get the 600 animals under control within 3 hours. After a bumpy start most of the participants feel after some time like the born leaders and take important lessons and impressions that can be transferred to everyday life in the office and in the family.